Third International Congress of Veterinary Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences will be held by the Iranian Veterinary Organization in collaboration with the Shahrekord University from 25 to 27 May, 2016 at the Shahrekord University. All researchers, students and those involved in the field of pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences are invited to participate in the congress to present their scientific achievements.


Creating an atmosphere of interaction and cooperation among researchers and Scientists associated with Veterinary Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the national and international levels.

Presenting the latest scientific achievements of researchers in different fields of Veterinary Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Draw attention of authorities to the importance of veterinary pharmacology and related sciences.

Registration and Submission:

Articles could be submitted electronically in the form of abstracts or extended abstract in Congress website.

Registration and submission to Congress should only be done via Congress website.


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تلفن دبیرخانه شهرکرد : 03832321657


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Deadline for Abstract Submission : March 5 , 2016


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تلفن دبیرخانه شهرکرد : 03832321657  


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